Honeycomb linden 2021 ~450g

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It contains up to 10% of such a valuable medicinal product as propolis, pollen particles and beeberad, processed flower nectar, wax caps containing lysozyme – a substance with unique bactericidal properties.
Wax honeycombs help fight many diseases. In combination with medicines, honey in honeycombs helps to more effectively defeat the disease and recover faster with a cold.

How to use?
With a runny nose and acute respiratory infections, beekeepers recommend chewing a small piece of pure beeswax with anti-inflammatory properties 3-4 times daily for 15 minutes. Children can be given a teaspoon of honey from honeycombs 2-3 times a day in autumn and spring for preventive purposes. .
Such a simple action as regular chewing of honeycombs, in which the oral mucosa is cleaned of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, helps to cure a sore throat, inflamed gums, get rid of stomatitis, remove plaque from enamel, prevent tooth decay, bleeding and eliminate an unpleasant odor.