The hydrolate is obtained by steam distillation. Plant raw materials are placed over boiling water and hot steam is passed through it, then the steam is cooled, thus obtaining hydrolat or it is also called flower water.
For what and how to use?
1. Toning. Apply daily after washing, then you can apply your own care cream. You can also use hydrolat before scrubbing or applying a mask – it facilitates the penetration of nutrients deep into the skin.
2. Moisturizing. In hot weather or in a room with a central heating system, the skin is regularly sprayed with hydrolat. This restores the water balance of the epidermis and contributes to its saturation with useful components.
3. Care of the area around the eyes. Regularly apply lotions from cotton pads soaked in floral water to help fight dark circles, bags and redness of the eyelids.
4. Improvement of hair condition. This tool makes the hair shine, accelerates its growth, and helps get rid of dandruff. It can be added to shampoo and conditioner, massaged, or sprayed onto wet or dry hair. The best hydrolates for hair are sage, lavender, chamomile, nettle, burdock.
5. Rinsing the mouth. Hydrolat from mint, hyssop, calendula, tea tree perfectly freshens breath, reduces inflammation, and has a bactericidal effect.

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